Sharing The Best “How To” Videos On The Web

As I dip my big toe into the blogosphere for the first time, I’d like to explain why I’m in this space. My objective for this blog is to share with you some of the my favorite “How to” instructional video clips on the web. I’ve found that in every stage of my life, there are many new things I must learn. Life changes come at you all the time and from all directions. You might find yourself starting a new job, buying a new car, starting a new website or cooking dinner for someone special for the first time. Me, I’m about to become a first time dad, so I’m currently looking for as many video clips on “How to” care for babies or anything related to childcare that will help me become a better and well prepared parent. The reason I like “How to” videos so much is that I get a clearer perspective of what’s involved in the task when I see it performed. If I’m told and shown how to do something, I am more prepared and better equipped to pull it off. I’m very excited about the direction the web is going. More and more, I’m finding that many websites are including instructional videos that show you best practices and “How to” use their product and services. I have many hobbies and interests including golf, skiing, boating, high tech gadgets and an undying love affair with travel. So, I will be sharing with you some of the best “How to” video clips the web has to offer. I also look forward to your comments and your sharing of your favorite “How to” video clips on the web.


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